Truth or Dare with Abbie (abbiegirlOnline)

So hey guys me and my friend Abbie decided to do a face time call over hangouts and we decided since we were out of ideas to do a ... Truth or Dare blog post with each other! We did a blog post on her blog as-well so go check her post out at so yeah lets get started with Truth or Dare

Abbie: Truth. Have you ever kissed a boy at school? No but a boy kissed me on the cheek before!
Alice: Truth. Who is your celebrity crush? Bruno Mars
Abbie: Dare Do Awkward dancing!
Alice: Dare Suck an Ice-cube till it melts! This one is Hilarious

Abbie truth :Wich you tuber would you like to marry? Alfie Deyes
Alice Truth: If you could choose a girl youtuber to go out with who would you choose? Zoella
Abbie Dare: Watch bad people singing on youtube!

Alice Dare: Write a silly song do a photo of you singing it and write the lyrics

When i went to the pond i saw a duck
And he said i live on
23 lake street
he loves the water he loves the sea
he loves swimming
and hes way faster than me

I drink coffee he drinks tea
i wonder what he thinks of me his beak is orange his feathers are yellow and i look like a completely different fellow

I hope you like this post and ...

Bye xxxxx