Goodbye :(

Hi guys! It's Alice here and today i'm going to be saying goodbye to blogging...

You may of noticed that I have not been blogging at all lately and I just haven't been interested in blogging, so I think it's time to say goodbye :(

Bye xxx

Birthday Haul

Hi guys it's Alice here and today I decided that I would do a birthday haul since it was my birthday yesterday! By the way I am in no way trying to brag I just personally like reading these kind of posts and watching these kind of videos on YouTube so I just thought I would do one! Let's get started!


So in-case you don't know what lenovo is it's a laptop brand! I can't exactly show you one of my own photo's of my laptop since i'm using it to write this post but I can show you one from online...

I absolutely love this laptop it's AMAZING!!!


Yes this is just a pukka pad but not just any pukka pad a STRAWBERRY scented one...

if you could smell it right now *sniffs notebook* you would love it!


This is such a pretty looking notebook and i have decided to use it as a planner for my blog and newly up coming videos *coughs* hint *coughs*

If you have an IKEA near you definitely try and get your hands on this...


I know... yet another notebook but this time it is a bit smaller and has really cool parchment looking paper!


These are a very useful piece of stationary if you make a mistake with a pen just rub it out!

You can buy these in TESCO, PAPERCHASE, ASDA, SAINSBURY'S and any other place where you can buy stationary!


These are really cute headphones and it's a plus that you can decorate it yourself!


Now you can't go wrong with a few sweets especially MAOM's!


This was the perfect present for me since i'm a big bookworm! I just love snuggling up in a couple of blankets drinking hot chocolate just reading a book


Zoella beauty smells AMAZING, all of her products do!

Zoella - Blissful Mistful

Zoella - Fizz Bar

Zoella - Soak Opera


You can't go wrong with AMAZON!



So I hope you enjoyed his post so i'll see you soon!

The Teen Post Tag

Hey guys,

 So I know I've not been very active recently some of you probably thought I like died or something but no, i'm here and I don't really have an excuse for it...

but to make up for all that I am going to be posting about twice a week! But for today's post I decided I would make my own tag for you guys! So as you can probably tell from the title, I am doing the Teen Post Tag and for those of you that don't know what a teen post is it is basically a post a teenager has done and it was so good that they turned it into a website!

so basically what you have to do in this tag is you have to find 5 different teen posts that you can relate to. It's pretty simple so let's get started!!!!


"If I end up doing something funny or cool there's 80% chance it was on accident"


"Lying in bed wondering if it's worth it to get up and pee"


"Being the last person still laughing too much at a joke is a very big problem in my life"


"First day of school: 30 pencils, 64 crayons, 20 pens, 12 rulers, 10 notebooks... MIDDLE OF MARCH: 1 pencil you found on the ground"


"I'm a girl. I don't smoke, drink or party every weekend. I don't sleep around or start drama to get attention. Yes, we still do exist."

Ok guys so those are my chosen ones I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag everyone who wants to do it!

Bye xoxox

A Testimonial, For MorningTime4

Hey Guys, Alice here

So I hope you all know by now that I had my blog redesigned by the amazing MORNING TIME 4!!!!!!  So she recently she asked me to write a testimonial about her blog designing so here I go...

First of all I am going to start of by rating her designs 5 OUT OF 5  she is really talented at HTML and makes the whole experience really easy.

Now I will talk you through the process...

First of all you fill out her design form and then she incorporates everything that you asked for in the design.

When you pick the colour scheme she makes it so that she tries to incorporate the colours as best as she can.

Once she has finished your design she will email you sending a link to one of her test blogs wich shows you what your blog will look like. This is your chance to ask her to make sng changes that you want.

Once you are happy with your design she will get you to add her as an author. Once she accepts remember to change her to an Admin.

Shd will then install your design and your done!

Overall I had an AMAZING experience with her as my blog designer and I highly recommend her!

Thats all for now guys!

Bye xoxo

Apologies + Festival + Advice

Hey guys it's Alice here and as you may have noticed lately I am not posting very much at all. I just wanted to clear something up. No I have not quit blogging and never am. I just sort of forgot about blogging. I don't know how it just sort of popped out of my head. Anyway now we have got that cleared up I am going to move onto the next subject which is...


OK so yesterday I went to The Common People Festival in Southampton! It was really good fun! There was a helter skelter & a Ferris wheel. We stayed there till about 10:10 and had a blast... For tea we had fish and chips but let me tell you the line for the fish and chips stall was ssssssooooooooooo long it took us about an hour to get to the front of the queue! It was hectic. But that long wait was worth it! The taste was absolutely amazing! We went with my mum and dad's friends and my mum and dad's friends friends. Complicated I know.

Anyway I need some advice...

Should I schedule my posts? I could just write loads of posts and schedule them then there would be  a constant flow of posts.

Oh yes and something I didn't mention in the title I am going to the Isle of White tommorow so I won't be posting till like Sunday...

Anyway Bye guys!

Alice xoxoxo

A collab blog!

Firstly I want to say a huge sorry that I haven't been posting much lately... anyway as some of you may know Abbie from girlOnline is my best chummy if you dont then she is my best chummy! So our brains lately had been wiring away at something blogging wise we could do together and then 'pop' the idea came to us that we should do a collab blog together! so I will leave the link here of our new blog and I will also add a button linking it to my sidebar! here is our blog!!!!

Ok so I know this is a very short post but I thought i'd let you know...

bye xoxo

Miss Internets blogging party!

Hey guys the point of this post is that I have joined Miss Internets BLOGGING PARTY just to say go check out her blog its amazing

So ya now I can party all night with her!

Alice xoxo

MUSIC LOVERS OUT THERE!!! & the music tag!

Hey guys so today its Alice here and I thought since I am a real music lover I would share my playlist I created for you to go and check it out just click here to access it! Plus I thought I can't make this post this SHORT!!! So I decided to make up a song tag and I simply tag everyone that wants to do it!!!

1. Name your top three favourite artists!

Personally for me it goes 1. Meghan Trainor I just love her as you will be able to tell frm the playlist. 2. Taylor swift I mean who doesn't love that girl? 3. Birdy she has just got a very calm soft voice!

2. What is your absolute favourite song of all time?

Probably Dear Future Husband by Meghan Train which is also in the playlist!

3. What is your favourite genre of music?

Sort of pop music I just find all of the other genres have like a ton of musical instruments.

4. Tell us some of the songs that make you happy.

Songs like lips are moving - by Meghan Trainor ( who would of guessed ) just general Meghan Trainor I mean she passes on good messages like be happy with the way you look!

5. What are a few songs that make you feel sad?

Well do you ever get that feeling that if you always are happy that its sort of becomes fake? Well sometimes I get that feeling were I feel like I have to listen to sort of depressing music! But sometimes that music is some of my faces. Like people help the people by birdy skinny love also by birdy.

OK guys so that's all for this post and I hope you like the playlist I created.

Bye xoxo


Hey guys its Alice  here and today something really exciting happened! Guess what! (Waits for everyone to say "what") I WENT TO PAULTONS PARK!!! As you can tell Abbie and me know each other and she is going to Thorpe park next week! But yeah lets get to the facts!!! Some of you will not know what paultons park is if you are from a different country! Its basically a big theme park for all ages plus lots of fun! Anyway as we came through the entrance we noticed that there was a completely new section in paultons park called CRITTER CREEK  pretty neat name don't ya think! Anyway once we got inside I was pretty dissapointed they had just refurbished the stinger and called it the CAT-O-PILLAR  I mean WHAT!?!?!??? Anyway on this blog I don't add on negativity so I won't talk about that! Some of the best rides in the park ( probably coz they are more fast and scary ) were the ones we went on almost instantly!!! The order went...
1. The magma
2. The cobra
3. The edge

And I can tell you they were simply amazing!

But I can't skip the funny bit THE JUMPING BEAN  its basically a really high tube and there are seats attached to it! I think I practically cried because on one side of me I had my mum screaming like a demented crow! And on the other side of me there was my dad going "UUUUEEEEGGGGHHHHH" And flailing his legs all around! And to round this post of I will just say I had an amazing day an I love all of you lovely people out there!

Bye xoxo


Hey guys so as you can tell its EASTER today YAY!!!!

And for me personally I don't really celebrate the "religious" side of Easter I just celebrate chocolate and new begginings! Anyway for this post I thought I would just give you some nice Easter quotes!

"Easter brings us hope, new energy fills our lives, I thank you Jesus, you've lived up to your promise, to rise and overcome death" A bit deep I know but what can I do?

"Everything has been figured out, except how to live"

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

"No bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings"

"The universe is made of stories not of atoms"

So that's all for this post guys


bye xxx

The amazing morningtime4

Hey guys so today I went on to gmail and there was an email from morningtime4 and if your wondering why its because I asked her to do a design for me ( if you were wondering that's why my blog looks different ) and she said before I install your design do you want me to change anything? I was like no this design is perfect! But I didn't want to be rude and pass of all this work of as my own because it isn't my own its morningtime4's so I created this post just to say a big thanks for all your hard work and I know I must of been a bit of a difficult client! Anyway go and check out her blog and follow it comment, recommend it just do any thing to spread out to the world just how amazing she is also at the bottom of this post I am going to leave a few other links to blogs that deserve a special mention! Plus I am so sorry for the short post!

Bye xxx

Abbie from girlOnline
Hippo from Hippo in the house
Kate from A splash of Kate
Little robin from little teens blog

Hope you like their blogs!

10 weird questions tag!

So hey guys today I thought I would do the 10 weird questions tag and I simply tag everyone who wants to do it! Let's get stuck in there!

1) What's a weird knickname only your family call you?

Well the knickname I normally get called is beanbag or cheese burger strange nick names I know!

2) What's a weird habit of yours?

Well in class for some reason if we are supposed to be quiet and someone is whispering I will raise my finger to my mouth and do like the loudest 'SHHHHHHHHHHHHH' in history!

3) Do you have any weird phobias?

I don't really have any weird phobias but I have a phobia of spiders if that counts!

4) What's a song you secretly love to belt out when your alone?

Well there is a song from frozen that they didn't put in the movie which sort of just starts me of...


5) What's one of of your biggest pet peeves?

Probably when boys decide not to flush the loo and not to put down the loo!

6) What's one of your biggest nervous habits

Basically when I get nervous I sort of chew my nails if you know what I mean. I bite them but not so hard that my nails come of!

7) What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Well I twist and turn in the night but I normally fall asleep or wake up on the right!

8) What was your first stuffed animal and what was its name?

My first stuffed animal was called Miffy! If none of you ever heard of the teddy called Miffy then they are a sort of well known brand just quick notice when I was little I went to Holland and went to a Miffy museum I took a picture with a golden Miffy as well! (Haha)

9) What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?

Well I have never been to Starbucks so I don't know if I did go I would probably just order a cupp'a tea.

10) Which way do you face in the shower?

Forwards like most normal people. I think....

So yeah that's the end of this tag like I said earlier I tag anyone that wants to do it but yeah! 

Bye xxx

The Literature Photography tag!

So hey guys Alice here and I got nominated to do the Literature Photography tag by the amazing Miss Internet and just warning ya but this post takes a long time due to photos and choosing the right book! So yeah lets get started! I hope you like the editing!

"By the forces of good and the power of chap sherry" - Mr gum and the power crystals by andy stanton- (picture of some gems I found)

Ok so I chose those gems because they sorta look like the power crystals in mr gum and I really like them (we have to include us in this post dont we?)

"Polly had used every bit of the tunnel" -the magicians nephew by C. S . Lewis- (a picture of a magicians hat.)

I chose that picture because it as you can tell has something to do with a magician.

"soot folded his arms waiting for this rude little madam to stop"- Awful Auntie by David Walliams- ( a picture of an owl I made)

Well the evil villan in this story is an owl freak and owns her own owl so i thought this might be a good picture!

"he fetched the wooden bowl and held it to her lips" - The horse and his Boy by C. S. Lewis- (picture of a horse pencil pot) 

I chose that photo because i love that pencil pot and it goes perfectly with the title

"I stayed still as a statue eyes shut" - Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson- ( picture of some cute little toys!)

I chose this picture coz firstly i think these things are so cute because...! at first the girls favourite food is a hamburger then her and her dad go have a really nice day at the cinema then they end up living by a bin!

" she fingered the jar delicately" - the worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson- (picture of a little superhero from red nose day)

I chose this because the main character has always wanted to be a superhero

"Charlie reckoned it was one of the worst meals" -Midnight for charlie bone by Jenny Nimmo- ( picture of a clock strike midnight)

I chose this coz the boy charlie sneaks out at midnight to rescue his friend

"The hungry kids started sampling flavours" - this book is not good for you by Pseudonymous Bosch- (A picture of some chocolate)

I chose this pcture because firstly i love that chocolate also in the book the most dangerous chocolate in the world is created

So thats all for now guys I really do hope you liked this post and these are the people i tagged

My People

And anyone else that wants to do it
·                     Post your photos with the original tag graphic
·                     There are eight prompts. All of these are inspired by books, many which people have heard and haven't heard of. Take a photo that corresponds to the prompts.
·                     Tag at least 3 bloggers. Spread the wonderful disease! You might also want to add extra prompts for the people you tag!

so yeah by guys


I know from the title some of you are thinking what about what? Well I was looking on google when an advert came up saying "Will 2015 be the year?" And that got me curious very curious indeed so I clicked on the ad...  It took me straight to a report sort of this saying that Apple (you know the company that sells iPods and I phones and stuff) might be realising apple TV and your probably wondering why I haven't mentioned that there is already an apple TV box but I'm talking my complicated stuff I'm talking proper TV's with there own channels and everything and this is all coming out in 2015 WOW! As you can tell they are gonna be very expensive but I bet it will be worth it if you want to go check the website I found that out on I will link it herehere

Also another quick thing I saw about apple was that there apple watch counts down to your death scary I will also link the website here

Bye guys

its all going on isn't it!

Today was one of those days when your like "why did they do this" because of break at break me and my chummy decided that we were going to play with our semi-friends and d'ya know what they did they were completely fine at the beginning and we were playing 99 in i was it first then abbie was but the strange thing was they were setting challenges to determine who was it and then everything clicked they were only choosing challenges that they were obviously going to win and end up not being it I only did this post so that I could get it all outta me and just rant away thats what my little space on the internets for isn't it? So sorry for it being short bye! comment bellow if anything like that has happened to you before if so do you have any tips on how to deal with it ! Also I would just like to say a big thank you to abbie for being the bestest chummy I could ever wish for!



Ok so hey guys sup I am so sorry that I haven't done many\any posts lately so to make you more happy I've done this one the reason being that we've just had like a shed load of people round so firstly I haven't had time to do any posts and secondly I don't know what to blog about but yeah today isn't a long post but hey at least there even is one!

Bye xxx

The Liebster Award- Being Nominated!!!!!!!!!

OK so hey guys today i looked on and found out that they nominated me for the liebster award thank you soooo much little robin!! So lets get onto the questions!

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is definitely when I used  to snuggle up with my mum on a weekend and we'd give each other gigantic hugs!

What is your favorite Disney movie/character and why?

 Well my favorite Disney movie is Maleficent the same as my favorite character ( in-case you didn't guess its Maleficent ) The main reason for the movie is because you always wanna know whats gonna happen next for the character because she gives you mixed emotions!

Dresses/skirts or pants/shorts? Why?

Well out of dresses and skirts dresses are more comfortable and you can do more in them so there is my answer for that one. and out of shorts and jeans ( I am British so we don't call them pants we call them jeans or trousers) i would choose shorts again i just find them more comfortable)

Die of heat or cold?

I am gonna say cold because i am guessing it wouldn't hurt so much coz i am hoping if it was cold it would be numb!

Chocolate or Lollies?

I love chocolate but i also love lollies so i am gonna say i cant decide they are both super yummy!

                                                              What is your favorite song/artist                                                                                                                                                                                                               my favorite song is sang by my favorite artist so it is She Looks So Perfect (Ed Sheeran) 

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs because they are more playful and fun!

Have you ever been to a funeral?

No and i am very happy i haven't had to aswell but for all of you who have had to go through something like that i am very sorry for you

Are you a Morning or Night time person

I am a Night time person i am awake really late and don't want to get out of bed in the morning

Favorite Make-up item

Probably eye-shadow it just livens up your eyes!

OK so here are the rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you
4. Nominate 4 - 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and who have less that 200 followers
5. Create a list of questions for the blogger to answer
6. List these rules in your post and inform the people/ blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link to your post so they can learn all about it!

So here are the amazing people I am choosing to nominate

Fabulous things 2 try

Splash of Kate
Hope you dont mind doin it again

Little Robin

hope you dont mind doin it again!

and here are the questions you guys have to answer

If you were to make your own Ice-cream flavour what would it be and what colour?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Where is your favourite place to read?

What is your favourite fragrance?

Have you ever lost some-one close to you?

McDonalds or KFC?

 Where is your favourite place to shop?

What's your favorite TV program?

What book are you into right now?

What is your favourite girls name?

I just want to say thank you again to little robin it made my day!



OK so sorry guys sorry I haven't done many posts lately not even question of the day so yeah!! SO SORRY!!!!! But nothing has really been going on by the way happy pancake day!! (Even though I don't really pancakes!!) But yeah today I will just do a question of the day!

And as I was saying I smothered myself in sudocrem and my mum came in and she was like "DON'T MOVE" and yeah that's my embarrassing moment!

Bye xxx

My day with Abbie

So hey guys...

Abbie has come to my house for a sleepover and we had an amazing time last night here is a record of our day!!!!!!!!!

So to kick off our day we decided to do some Just Dancing ( see what we did there Just Dance Just Dancing no you don't get it oh...)


Oh yes we forgot about breakfast so we had... 

Abbie: Apple juice and honey nut clusters

Alice: Orange juice and honey nut clusters


So last night  we decided to do some mini pretend vlogs but no peeking...

we also stuffed our  faces with these yummy treats...

Don't those cookies look yummy its the giant jelly baby was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so yeah !!!!

Time for some more just dance!!


Hope you like the editing

bye guys xxx

Say bye Abbie

Bye xxx

Valentines day - little acts of kindness

So this valentines day i decided that because everyone needs a bit of love I decided that I would a a few little acts of kindness

so lets get on with it...
Give some-one a gift even if its just your love like this morning i woke up and found some gifts of a some heart chocolates and a gingerbread biscuit ( Thanks Mum ) And my dad just gave me a big big bear hug

Next up...

  2. If your best friends alone on valentines day or just your friend go see them and brighten up their day

  3. Give someone a compliment it could be silly but entertaining kind but serious just try and make some-one smile

  4. Say thank you to someone who has made your life better

  5.Listen don't interrupt this mainly relates to those kids out their it would make your parents very happy if you didn't interrupt for one day.

Bye guys xxx

Truth or Dare with Abbie (abbiegirlOnline)

So hey guys me and my friend Abbie decided to do a face time call over hangouts and we decided since we were out of ideas to do a ... Truth or Dare blog post with each other! We did a blog post on her blog as-well so go check her post out at so yeah lets get started with Truth or Dare

Abbie: Truth. Have you ever kissed a boy at school? No but a boy kissed me on the cheek before!
Alice: Truth. Who is your celebrity crush? Bruno Mars
Abbie: Dare Do Awkward dancing!
Alice: Dare Suck an Ice-cube till it melts! This one is Hilarious

Abbie truth :Wich you tuber would you like to marry? Alfie Deyes
Alice Truth: If you could choose a girl youtuber to go out with who would you choose? Zoella
Abbie Dare: Watch bad people singing on youtube!

Alice Dare: Write a silly song do a photo of you singing it and write the lyrics

When i went to the pond i saw a duck
And he said i live on
23 lake street
he loves the water he loves the sea
he loves swimming
and hes way faster than me

I drink coffee he drinks tea
i wonder what he thinks of me his beak is orange his feathers are yellow and i look like a completely different fellow

I hope you like this post and ...

Bye xxxxx

room toor

hope you like my room not gonna talk much in this one comment to find out were i got some of the stuff

                                                                 sorry for the bad photos
                                                                                Bye xxx