The Literature Photography tag!

So hey guys Alice here and I got nominated to do the Literature Photography tag by the amazing Miss Internet and just warning ya but this post takes a long time due to photos and choosing the right book! So yeah lets get started! I hope you like the editing!

"By the forces of good and the power of chap sherry" - Mr gum and the power crystals by andy stanton- (picture of some gems I found)

Ok so I chose those gems because they sorta look like the power crystals in mr gum and I really like them (we have to include us in this post dont we?)

"Polly had used every bit of the tunnel" -the magicians nephew by C. S . Lewis- (a picture of a magicians hat.)

I chose that picture because it as you can tell has something to do with a magician.

"soot folded his arms waiting for this rude little madam to stop"- Awful Auntie by David Walliams- ( a picture of an owl I made)

Well the evil villan in this story is an owl freak and owns her own owl so i thought this might be a good picture!

"he fetched the wooden bowl and held it to her lips" - The horse and his Boy by C. S. Lewis- (picture of a horse pencil pot) 

I chose that photo because i love that pencil pot and it goes perfectly with the title

"I stayed still as a statue eyes shut" - Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson- ( picture of some cute little toys!)

I chose this picture coz firstly i think these things are so cute because...! at first the girls favourite food is a hamburger then her and her dad go have a really nice day at the cinema then they end up living by a bin!

" she fingered the jar delicately" - the worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson- (picture of a little superhero from red nose day)

I chose this because the main character has always wanted to be a superhero

"Charlie reckoned it was one of the worst meals" -Midnight for charlie bone by Jenny Nimmo- ( picture of a clock strike midnight)

I chose this coz the boy charlie sneaks out at midnight to rescue his friend

"The hungry kids started sampling flavours" - this book is not good for you by Pseudonymous Bosch- (A picture of some chocolate)

I chose this pcture because firstly i love that chocolate also in the book the most dangerous chocolate in the world is created

So thats all for now guys I really do hope you liked this post and these are the people i tagged

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And anyone else that wants to do it
·                     Post your photos with the original tag graphic
·                     There are eight prompts. All of these are inspired by books, many which people have heard and haven't heard of. Take a photo that corresponds to the prompts.
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so yeah by guys