I know from the title some of you are thinking what about what? Well I was looking on google when an advert came up saying "Will 2015 be the year?" And that got me curious very curious indeed so I clicked on the ad...  It took me straight to a report sort of this saying that Apple (you know the company that sells iPods and I phones and stuff) might be realising apple TV and your probably wondering why I haven't mentioned that there is already an apple TV box but I'm talking my complicated stuff I'm talking proper TV's with there own channels and everything and this is all coming out in 2015 WOW! As you can tell they are gonna be very expensive but I bet it will be worth it if you want to go check the website I found that out on I will link it herehere

Also another quick thing I saw about apple was that there apple watch counts down to your death scary I will also link the website here

Bye guys