The Literature Photography tag!

So hey guys Alice here and I got nominated to do the Literature Photography tag by the amazing Miss Internet and just warning ya but this post takes a long time due to photos and choosing the right book! So yeah lets get started! I hope you like the editing!

"By the forces of good and the power of chap sherry" - Mr gum and the power crystals by andy stanton- (picture of some gems I found)

Ok so I chose those gems because they sorta look like the power crystals in mr gum and I really like them (we have to include us in this post dont we?)

"Polly had used every bit of the tunnel" -the magicians nephew by C. S . Lewis- (a picture of a magicians hat.)

I chose that picture because it as you can tell has something to do with a magician.

"soot folded his arms waiting for this rude little madam to stop"- Awful Auntie by David Walliams- ( a picture of an owl I made)

Well the evil villan in this story is an owl freak and owns her own owl so i thought this might be a good picture!

"he fetched the wooden bowl and held it to her lips" - The horse and his Boy by C. S. Lewis- (picture of a horse pencil pot) 

I chose that photo because i love that pencil pot and it goes perfectly with the title

"I stayed still as a statue eyes shut" - Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson- ( picture of some cute little toys!)

I chose this picture coz firstly i think these things are so cute because...! at first the girls favourite food is a hamburger then her and her dad go have a really nice day at the cinema then they end up living by a bin!

" she fingered the jar delicately" - the worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson- (picture of a little superhero from red nose day)

I chose this because the main character has always wanted to be a superhero

"Charlie reckoned it was one of the worst meals" -Midnight for charlie bone by Jenny Nimmo- ( picture of a clock strike midnight)

I chose this coz the boy charlie sneaks out at midnight to rescue his friend

"The hungry kids started sampling flavours" - this book is not good for you by Pseudonymous Bosch- (A picture of some chocolate)

I chose this pcture because firstly i love that chocolate also in the book the most dangerous chocolate in the world is created

So thats all for now guys I really do hope you liked this post and these are the people i tagged

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And anyone else that wants to do it
·                     Post your photos with the original tag graphic
·                     There are eight prompts. All of these are inspired by books, many which people have heard and haven't heard of. Take a photo that corresponds to the prompts.
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so yeah by guys


I know from the title some of you are thinking what about what? Well I was looking on google when an advert came up saying "Will 2015 be the year?" And that got me curious very curious indeed so I clicked on the ad...  It took me straight to a report sort of this saying that Apple (you know the company that sells iPods and I phones and stuff) might be realising apple TV and your probably wondering why I haven't mentioned that there is already an apple TV box but I'm talking my complicated stuff I'm talking proper TV's with there own channels and everything and this is all coming out in 2015 WOW! As you can tell they are gonna be very expensive but I bet it will be worth it if you want to go check the website I found that out on I will link it herehere

Also another quick thing I saw about apple was that there apple watch counts down to your death scary I will also link the website here

Bye guys

its all going on isn't it!

Today was one of those days when your like "why did they do this" because of break at break me and my chummy decided that we were going to play with our semi-friends and d'ya know what they did they were completely fine at the beginning and we were playing 99 in i was it first then abbie was but the strange thing was they were setting challenges to determine who was it and then everything clicked they were only choosing challenges that they were obviously going to win and end up not being it I only did this post so that I could get it all outta me and just rant away thats what my little space on the internets for isn't it? So sorry for it being short bye! comment bellow if anything like that has happened to you before if so do you have any tips on how to deal with it ! Also I would just like to say a big thank you to abbie for being the bestest chummy I could ever wish for!



Ok so hey guys sup I am so sorry that I haven't done many\any posts lately so to make you more happy I've done this one the reason being that we've just had like a shed load of people round so firstly I haven't had time to do any posts and secondly I don't know what to blog about but yeah today isn't a long post but hey at least there even is one!

Bye xxx