Winter Lookbook

Hey guys and welcome to my winter look-book i have like i dunno like 4 themes so carry on reading and i hope you enjoy...

So first up is my turquoise fluffy comfy jumper and my navy blue leggings  I have a feeling they are both from next. But to be fair that shop has some AMAZING clothes. By the way the next two photos are my casual section,

Sorry about the terrible photos but hey i cant help having a hard to take good photos camera

So next up is my pink converse hoodie and the same navy blue leggings these were by converse turquoise trainers and the clothing items were both also from next plus the trainors were from schuh  :) :) 


Next up are my party wear faves this was a nice black and white spotty H&M dress (yay finally something not from next ) accompanied by my nice black strapless shoes from NEXT (again) 

Next up is my really nice blue sparkly sequin dress i absolutely adore this super glittery dress

These are my best PJ's (as you can tell we are into the pajamas section) they are the comfiest pajamas known in history but aaagggggaaaaiiinnnn from NEXT the soft snugly slippers you see next to them are from ASDA yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

 so the amazing new outfit you see is in-fact the outfit that i am wearing today don't i look stunning (hahaha) the top is again from Next and the black leggings  are from Next  

I hope you have enjoyed my winter lookbook plz plz follow comment and reccomend on google+

Bye xxx

My amazing school day of seeing a pretend model of the bloodhound


Hey guys so (first of all sorry about the long title) today i am going to be doing a different sort of post just to try out some different ideas and see if you like them. But really i am here to tell you about what 30% of people all over the world will be watching in July 2015 this amazing event will be the racing/testing of the BLOODHOUND and your probably thinking but a bloodhound is a dog why test it? Well your wrong! The BLOODHOUND while being a dog is also a car this particular car you probably have never ever ever ever ever of heard of!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well before you figure out what is going to be happening I may as well show you a couple of pictures of the BLOODHOUND and its amazing driver.

So know that you've seen a few pics you can tell this car will probably be a legend. The BLOODHOUND will be try to make a land speed record of 1,000 mph that is amazingly fast, faster than the speed of sound. So as you can see from the title that this isn't just about news i have heard this is about a school trip. So...
How i learned about all this fun BLOODHOUND stuff was by being told by my teachers that ... I got one of the highest grades in science last year and since then i have been looking forward to a science sort of trip to a school across the road. We got to do many fun workshops about this bloodhound one of the most fun ones was doing a K'NEX challenge K'NEX is a type of stick thingy-mo-bobby sorta like Lego sorta not but still yeah we had to make a cars out of K'NEX ours was pretty rubbish as we went at about 5 mph the top speed out o all the groups was  19 mph which was very cool!

So I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post comment if you want more like it    

15 facts about me

So today i thought you guys should get to know me and so i will be doing a 15 facts about me post... So lets get started!

1. I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee books
2.My name is Alice
3.I consider myself to be a good writer
4.I go to science club
5.My favourite song is lips are moving- Meghan Trainor
6.My favourite colour is blue
7.My favourite youtuber is zoella
8.My favourite blog is
9.My favourite TV show is Jessie
10.I have a habit of singing whilst drying my hair
11.My favourite food is Rocco's margheritta pizza thick crust and extra cheese
12.I am the eldest of 3 kids
13. My siblings are a girl and a boy
14.My teachers are very nice they are Mrs Clothier and Mrs Fenton
15.My BFF's are Abigail(Abbie abi) Jade and Ellie

My first blog post!!!!

Hey guys who have even bothered to click on the link to my blog. It means a lot to me if you did. As this is my first blog post i thought i would just do some recommendations first of all is one of my BFF's blogs she has been so successful so go and check her out she is a lot more experienced than me and does many many amazing blog posts!!!                               

So yeah go check out that amazing person.
Next up is my friend who this time owns not a blog but a youtube channel. Her youtube channel is called Tildagllchr and she does many fun videos
 so there you go the link to her amazing photo
Next up is possibly the yummiest recommendation you could make if you want proof then go and buy it ladies and gentleman i give you the amazing Robbie the reindeer
So yeah thats it for my first post don't forget to add me on google + follow my blog follow me comment and give me a warm welcome to blogger!!!!!!!!!

Bye guys xxxx