My first blog post!!!!

Hey guys who have even bothered to click on the link to my blog. It means a lot to me if you did. As this is my first blog post i thought i would just do some recommendations first of all is one of my BFF's blogs she has been so successful so go and check her out she is a lot more experienced than me and does many many amazing blog posts!!!                               

So yeah go check out that amazing person.
Next up is my friend who this time owns not a blog but a youtube channel. Her youtube channel is called Tildagllchr and she does many fun videos
 so there you go the link to her amazing photo
Next up is possibly the yummiest recommendation you could make if you want proof then go and buy it ladies and gentleman i give you the amazing Robbie the reindeer
So yeah thats it for my first post don't forget to add me on google + follow my blog follow me comment and give me a warm welcome to blogger!!!!!!!!!

Bye guys xxxx