Winter Lookbook

Hey guys and welcome to my winter look-book i have like i dunno like 4 themes so carry on reading and i hope you enjoy...

So first up is my turquoise fluffy comfy jumper and my navy blue leggings  I have a feeling they are both from next. But to be fair that shop has some AMAZING clothes. By the way the next two photos are my casual section,

Sorry about the terrible photos but hey i cant help having a hard to take good photos camera

So next up is my pink converse hoodie and the same navy blue leggings these were by converse turquoise trainers and the clothing items were both also from next plus the trainors were from schuh  :) :) 


Next up are my party wear faves this was a nice black and white spotty H&M dress (yay finally something not from next ) accompanied by my nice black strapless shoes from NEXT (again) 

Next up is my really nice blue sparkly sequin dress i absolutely adore this super glittery dress

These are my best PJ's (as you can tell we are into the pajamas section) they are the comfiest pajamas known in history but aaagggggaaaaiiinnnn from NEXT the soft snugly slippers you see next to them are from ASDA yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     

 so the amazing new outfit you see is in-fact the outfit that i am wearing today don't i look stunning (hahaha) the top is again from Next and the black leggings  are from Next  

I hope you have enjoyed my winter lookbook plz plz follow comment and reccomend on google+

Bye xxx