15 facts about me

So today i thought you guys should get to know me and so i will be doing a 15 facts about me post... So lets get started!

1. I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee books
2.My name is Alice
3.I consider myself to be a good writer
4.I go to science club
5.My favourite song is lips are moving- Meghan Trainor
6.My favourite colour is blue
7.My favourite youtuber is zoella
8.My favourite blog is
9.My favourite TV show is Jessie
10.I have a habit of singing whilst drying my hair
11.My favourite food is Rocco's margheritta pizza thick crust and extra cheese
12.I am the eldest of 3 kids
13. My siblings are a girl and a boy
14.My teachers are very nice they are Mrs Clothier and Mrs Fenton
15.My BFF's are Abigail(Abbie abi) Jade and Ellie