My amazing school day of seeing a pretend model of the bloodhound


Hey guys so (first of all sorry about the long title) today i am going to be doing a different sort of post just to try out some different ideas and see if you like them. But really i am here to tell you about what 30% of people all over the world will be watching in July 2015 this amazing event will be the racing/testing of the BLOODHOUND and your probably thinking but a bloodhound is a dog why test it? Well your wrong! The BLOODHOUND while being a dog is also a car this particular car you probably have never ever ever ever ever of heard of!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well before you figure out what is going to be happening I may as well show you a couple of pictures of the BLOODHOUND and its amazing driver.

So know that you've seen a few pics you can tell this car will probably be a legend. The BLOODHOUND will be try to make a land speed record of 1,000 mph that is amazingly fast, faster than the speed of sound. So as you can see from the title that this isn't just about news i have heard this is about a school trip. So...
How i learned about all this fun BLOODHOUND stuff was by being told by my teachers that ... I got one of the highest grades in science last year and since then i have been looking forward to a science sort of trip to a school across the road. We got to do many fun workshops about this bloodhound one of the most fun ones was doing a K'NEX challenge K'NEX is a type of stick thingy-mo-bobby sorta like Lego sorta not but still yeah we had to make a cars out of K'NEX ours was pretty rubbish as we went at about 5 mph the top speed out o all the groups was  19 mph which was very cool!

So I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post comment if you want more like it