MUSIC LOVERS OUT THERE!!! & the music tag!

Hey guys so today its Alice here and I thought since I am a real music lover I would share my playlist I created for you to go and check it out just click here to access it! Plus I thought I can't make this post this SHORT!!! So I decided to make up a song tag and I simply tag everyone that wants to do it!!!

1. Name your top three favourite artists!

Personally for me it goes 1. Meghan Trainor I just love her as you will be able to tell frm the playlist. 2. Taylor swift I mean who doesn't love that girl? 3. Birdy she has just got a very calm soft voice!

2. What is your absolute favourite song of all time?

Probably Dear Future Husband by Meghan Train which is also in the playlist!

3. What is your favourite genre of music?

Sort of pop music I just find all of the other genres have like a ton of musical instruments.

4. Tell us some of the songs that make you happy.

Songs like lips are moving - by Meghan Trainor ( who would of guessed ) just general Meghan Trainor I mean she passes on good messages like be happy with the way you look!

5. What are a few songs that make you feel sad?

Well do you ever get that feeling that if you always are happy that its sort of becomes fake? Well sometimes I get that feeling were I feel like I have to listen to sort of depressing music! But sometimes that music is some of my faces. Like people help the people by birdy skinny love also by birdy.

OK guys so that's all for this post and I hope you like the playlist I created.

Bye xoxo