Hey guys its Alice  here and today something really exciting happened! Guess what! (Waits for everyone to say "what") I WENT TO PAULTONS PARK!!! As you can tell Abbie and me know each other and she is going to Thorpe park next week! But yeah lets get to the facts!!! Some of you will not know what paultons park is if you are from a different country! Its basically a big theme park for all ages plus lots of fun! Anyway as we came through the entrance we noticed that there was a completely new section in paultons park called CRITTER CREEK  pretty neat name don't ya think! Anyway once we got inside I was pretty dissapointed they had just refurbished the stinger and called it the CAT-O-PILLAR  I mean WHAT!?!?!??? Anyway on this blog I don't add on negativity so I won't talk about that! Some of the best rides in the park ( probably coz they are more fast and scary ) were the ones we went on almost instantly!!! The order went...
1. The magma
2. The cobra
3. The edge

And I can tell you they were simply amazing!

But I can't skip the funny bit THE JUMPING BEAN  its basically a really high tube and there are seats attached to it! I think I practically cried because on one side of me I had my mum screaming like a demented crow! And on the other side of me there was my dad going "UUUUEEEEGGGGHHHHH" And flailing his legs all around! And to round this post of I will just say I had an amazing day an I love all of you lovely people out there!

Bye xoxo