The amazing morningtime4

Hey guys so today I went on to gmail and there was an email from morningtime4 and if your wondering why its because I asked her to do a design for me ( if you were wondering that's why my blog looks different ) and she said before I install your design do you want me to change anything? I was like no this design is perfect! But I didn't want to be rude and pass of all this work of as my own because it isn't my own its morningtime4's so I created this post just to say a big thanks for all your hard work and I know I must of been a bit of a difficult client! Anyway go and check out her blog and follow it comment, recommend it just do any thing to spread out to the world just how amazing she is also at the bottom of this post I am going to leave a few other links to blogs that deserve a special mention! Plus I am so sorry for the short post!

Bye xxx

Abbie from girlOnline
Hippo from Hippo in the house
Kate from A splash of Kate
Little robin from little teens blog

Hope you like their blogs!