Valentines day - little acts of kindness

So this valentines day i decided that because everyone needs a bit of love I decided that I would a a few little acts of kindness

so lets get on with it...
Give some-one a gift even if its just your love like this morning i woke up and found some gifts of a some heart chocolates and a gingerbread biscuit ( Thanks Mum ) And my dad just gave me a big big bear hug

Next up...

  2. If your best friends alone on valentines day or just your friend go see them and brighten up their day

  3. Give someone a compliment it could be silly but entertaining kind but serious just try and make some-one smile

  4. Say thank you to someone who has made your life better

  5.Listen don't interrupt this mainly relates to those kids out their it would make your parents very happy if you didn't interrupt for one day.

Bye guys xxx