Apologies + Festival + Advice

Hey guys it's Alice here and as you may have noticed lately I am not posting very much at all. I just wanted to clear something up. No I have not quit blogging and never am. I just sort of forgot about blogging. I don't know how it just sort of popped out of my head. Anyway now we have got that cleared up I am going to move onto the next subject which is...


OK so yesterday I went to The Common People Festival in Southampton! It was really good fun! There was a helter skelter & a Ferris wheel. We stayed there till about 10:10 and had a blast... For tea we had fish and chips but let me tell you the line for the fish and chips stall was ssssssooooooooooo long it took us about an hour to get to the front of the queue! It was hectic. But that long wait was worth it! The taste was absolutely amazing! We went with my mum and dad's friends and my mum and dad's friends friends. Complicated I know.

Anyway I need some advice...

Should I schedule my posts? I could just write loads of posts and schedule them then there would be  a constant flow of posts.

Oh yes and something I didn't mention in the title I am going to the Isle of White tommorow so I won't be posting till like Sunday...

Anyway Bye guys!

Alice xoxoxo