A Testimonial, For MorningTime4

Hey Guys, Alice here

So I hope you all know by now that I had my blog redesigned by the amazing MORNING TIME 4!!!!!!  So she recently she asked me to write a testimonial about her blog designing so here I go...

First of all I am going to start of by rating her designs 5 OUT OF 5  she is really talented at HTML and makes the whole experience really easy.

Now I will talk you through the process...

First of all you fill out her design form and then she incorporates everything that you asked for in the design.

When you pick the colour scheme she makes it so that she tries to incorporate the colours as best as she can.

Once she has finished your design she will email you sending a link to one of her test blogs wich shows you what your blog will look like. This is your chance to ask her to make sng changes that you want.

Once you are happy with your design she will get you to add her as an author. Once she accepts remember to change her to an Admin.

Shd will then install your design and your done!

Overall I had an AMAZING experience with her as my blog designer and I highly recommend her!

Thats all for now guys!

Bye xoxo